The Best Workout Underwear for Women

Nobody wants to talk about their underwear—for good reason. Because no one wants to hear about your underwear. But...there's one exception to that. When a pair of underwear or a garment is so breathable, comfortable, and perfect for working out, gear-heads perk up (even if they're self-termed as fitness fashionistas). 


That's the total trifecta that I want in my panties. (!)


I tried all the best brands of underwear for active women—Under Armour, Moving Comfort, Nike, Knix Wear, and Thinx Period Panties—and I did AMRAPs, EMOMs, several-mile runs in the summer and more to find the top three underwear for women who workout, to keep you high and dry, even if it's that time of the month.


This article originally appeared in Muscle & Fitness Hers print magazine and then online. 


2016 CrossFit Games Athletes Train Hard Together at Reebok #TrainingGrounds

By Cat Perry in Canton, Massachusetts

Reebok CrossFit Games competitors training

Stepping into the Reebok CrossFit box where the Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir and other powerhouse CrossFit athletes have come to train is something special. To get to watch them train up close, workout with them yourself, talk to them, and pick the brains of their coaches is another. Take a look at the crazy workouts they take on to condition themselves for one of the toughest fitness challenges that exists right now: the Reebok CrossFit Games, coming up July 19-24. 


Let's take a look at the nation's heartbeat of the CrossFit community, with many of the athletes and employees at Reebok sporting the latest , and much improved, Reebok CrossFit sneaker: the CrossFit Nano 6.0 (the newest generation to older Reebok CrossFit shoes)

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Tabata Songs: Timed Music for Interval Training

By Cat Perry

It's hard to stay motivated to train sometimes... unless you've got the right gear and the right JAMS! I love working out, running, cycling, etc. to good music, but when it comes to Tabata training (intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off), things can get little tricky. Try Up and Overs or bust out some Deadlifts while the weights are clinking on the floor and you're trying to hear the interval timer, or worse, to check your watch. 

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7 Best Fit Travel Apps! CycleCast, Nike Training, Daily Burn, WOD CrossFit & More

HOW DO YOU STAY FIT WHEN TRAVELING? If you don't, and opt out instead, maybe it's time you changed that. Break a sweat while on break!


Running, going hiking, or renting a bike are all brilliant ways to whip away those extra calories you may be taking in on vacation. And however you like to crush your healthy living goals while on the road, here are six more awesome ways to hit that fitness target, with or without equipment.


I culled the best personal trainer apps that power you through HIIT and Tabata training, CrossFit WOD workouts, body-weight-only scorchers from Daily Burnand one-on-one coaching from Nike Training Club. HERE ARE THE 6 BEST FIT TRAVEL APPS FOR STAYING FIT WHILE FAR AWAY FROM HOME.

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4 Best Fitness Apps-Active Network

  • app - Find your next race!!! The first community-based activity app allows users to join a group of like-minded people, to complete Tabata based workouts, race events, and customized training plans. Free,

4 Best Fitness Apps - SkyFit Sports Running Coach

  • SkyFit Sports - Here's a mobile app that plugs you into unlimited on-demand running and spin classes for every level and goal. $9.99/month 

More running apps:

  • Pear SportsThey make a kit that comes with earbuds and a heart rate monitor strap. They're affordable and a perfect for running. The earbuds are connected to an app that guides you through running techniques to make your stride more comfortable and help you go longer. "Keep up the pace!" According to their site:

"It's a coaching platform of interactive audio workouts from professional trainers that react in the moment to guide you, motivate you and keep you company on your journey."

  • RunKeeper - Less a coaching app than a standard, but popular, run tracker app. It works on iOS and Android, and uses your phones GPS to track your distance, pace, calories burned, and you can tag pictures as you're en route. 

4 Fitness Apps To Download Right Now—Improve Your Run, Cycling & More

By Cat Perry


We live on our smartphones, but that's not necessarily bad for fit folks. Smartphones, apps, and widgets can help us get on our path to adventure if we know the best apps to download. With the Apple store having 1.2 million apps and Android boasting 1.8 million, you can bet that the following top apps will make your fit life better. Get stronger, team up, correct form, and more with these 4 best fitness apps of 2016 for cycling, running, mountain biking, and more.

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The Only 5  Exercises You Need for a Stronger Core

By Cat Perry

To build a stronger, tighter core that helps you perform better as an athlete, or to start seeing your six pack abs you need to cut the crunches from your workout session—right away. That isolation abs exercise won't get you results like compound movements will. Why? Because the core, which is a wider group of muscles including the mid and lower back, abdominals, and even hips and shoulders, is meant to execute functional movements. And if you instead only work limited-range-of-motion exercises or don't train your core at all, it'll never be as strong, lean, or useful as it could be.


Cyclists, for example, need strong cores to power up the watts. Runners, same thing. The core muscles want to assist in dynamic movements and in maintaining static tasks like keeping a stable trunk so you don't wobble back and forth on the bike. So the more you train your core with functional moves, like thrusters, planks, and lunges, the more tuned in (and ripped) your core will become.  


This workout is an overflow of workouts I design for 

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