Bear Grylls Top Adventure Activities in Britain: Scotland, Wales & More

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MalhamCove_YorkshireDales (Photo credit BGV)

Bear Grylls, the British celebrity adventurer who has seen unprecedented fame as an extreme sportsman thanks to his shows Man vs. Wild, originally titled Born Survivor: Bear Grylls in the United Kingdom, has a few top adventures that can only be had in the UK, where he got his start. 


So maybe you're not trying to jump off cliffs and swim cold waters to eat seal blubber on your next vacation to England, Wales, or Scotland (or maybe you are!), but these doable adventures he's crowned as his top destinations in the UK will have your heart pumping at least just a little for the amazing views they'll render. From kayaking and hiking to the highest peak in the UK to family fun activities, Bear Grylls has some awesome destinations and itineraries for your next vacation in Britain.  


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BearGrylls_Llyn Penninsula_Wales (Photo credit BGV)
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People for Bikes Rides the South for 400 Miles

Asheville, NC

At the end of March 25 People for Bikes riders will be cycling more than 400 miles, form Asheville, North Carolina, to Atlanta to raise awareness of hoe cyclists and cars can share the road. Sounds like a blast,  really, biking through the Appalachian Mountains on a multi-day trip with fellow cycling advocates. The group will make stops in Charlotte, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, and Athens, Georgia before arriving in Atlanta.

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3 Amazing Activities to Do Besides Skiing in Breckenridge Colorado

By Cat Perry

So, what's there to do beyond skiing (and apres skiing)? Plenty!

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Cycling in Spain & Portugal with REI Tours: Let the Good Life Roll

REI Cycling Tours in a Nutshell

Have you ever done an unbelievably fun  bike tour with barely a daypack on your back, stopping to taste local cheeses and olive oil? Picture a widescape countryside, rolling hills, and generous, boisterous locals sharing wine and keeping you up way past bedtime. You fall asleep exhausted and truly, deeply satisfied.

Do this by booking REI Adventures. The megapopular, nationwide outfitter for your outdoor adventures has a burgeoning REI Adventures division, whose sole aim is plan exotic trips that you can actually sink your teeth into—in far flung locations like Africa, Antarctica, Scotland, New Zealand, and Latin America. And they also have trips right in your backyard in the US.

Never thought you could hike the Andes safely? Go with REI and you can. Hiking, cruising, rafting, backpacking, their knowledgeable guides lead the way—and the surprising thing is they've been doing this for 25 years. So, whatever you want to accomplish, they can help make it happen.

In this video, riders traverse untouched landscapes and historic towns in Spain and Portugal, using pedal power to refresh the mind and challenge the body. 

4 Scenic Hikes & Runs Around the World

You can dream all you want, but only your feet will take you there.

Keeping fit while traveling isn't everyone's priority. But for some of us, it's only natural, and it's an essential cure for jetlag, boredom, and stress, and, obviously, a great way to cover a lot of ground and take in our exotic surroundings. Pub stop afterwards—guaranteed!


Oftentimes, a jog, hike, or walk around a new locale is just what you need when you touch down. I know it is for me, and I just have to fight the feeling of dozing off for a few moments in my hotel/tent. It's time to explore, and here are 4 regions around the world that encompass 13 countries—from the Alps to Hawaii to Scotland and Wales to Jamaica—where that good, long run or hike can reveal some of the best scenery of your life. Don't forget to send a postcard.

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Santa Cruz, California: Your Perfect Surf & Turf Getaway

Surf City

Surfers march toward the early morning tides like boyish priests to an altar... Although it's not quite as heavy as all of that, this is a perfect time for Lesson One: People in Santa Cruz are SO serious about their surf. And you can probably see why: Decent waves kick up early, pounding against rocky cliffs that hug the city's lengthy shores. And once you've claimed your turf, it's yours...for a while. But beware: beneath the hippie vibes, it can be a real turf war, so just be respectful where you drop in your surfboard and you'll find your groove—and maybe get props while you're at it. Plus, pop-up surf shops offer surfing and standup paddleboarding rentals and lessons all day long, so if you need equipment or a refresher, you've got it.


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It's Always Sunny in St. Pete Beach, Florida: Trade Winds Island Resorts

By Cat Perry

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Zermatt, Switzerland: The Chicest & Chillest Ski Village in the Alps

By Cat Perry

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