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Why O&O?

Because nature is awesome. We are awesome. And fitness/outdoor tech is the best obsession. Period. Plus, so many of us want to live healthier, more full lives and are willing to push ourselves to do it. Travel. Get outside. Taste, see, try new things. More people are hungry for fresh ideas in fitness, revolutionary and useful gear, and brand new inspiration to throw open doors and live more accomplished lives. With 10 years in fitness magazines, testing gear from every brand, big and small; and having interviewed champions like Dean Karnazes and Jennifer Pharr Davis, Rhonda Rousey and Angela Naeth, I'm taking this insider knowledge to the people. Mom & pop style.


Ride, run, bike, hike, fly, roll, surf—let's compare notes as we go Over & Outside.

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Detergents That Don't Suck to Wash Your Technical Clothes In & Get the Odor Out!

Sick of washing your outdoor gear and clothes, plus all your fitness clothes, and they still stink? I feel your pain—and, um, smell it. 


But here's where that tragedy ends.


I tested the several highly touted brands like Tide and a few little-known brands like Hex Performance and was blown away by the inefficacy of some and the complete rocking effects of others. Read on for testing notes and why you need to go boutique by using this up and coming brand Hex at least on just your more prized activewear gear to clean, protect, and preserve it better. 


This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine.  

best detergents for activewear, outdoor clothes, technical clothes. how to wash outdoorgear.

The Best Workout Underwear for Women

Nobody wants to talk about their underwear—for good reason. Because no one wants to hear about your underwear. But...there's one exception to that. When a pair of underwear or a garment is so breathable, comfortable, and perfect for working out, gear-heads perk up (even if they're self-termed as fitness fashionistas). 


That's the total trifecta that I want in my panties. (!)


I tried all the best brands of underwear for active women—Under Armour, Moving Comfort, Nike, Knix Wear, and Thinx Period Panties—and I did AMRAPs, EMOMs, several-mile runs in the summer and more to find the top three underwear for women who workout, to keep you high and dry, even if it's that time of the month.


This article originally appeared in Muscle & Fitness Hers print magazine and then online.