Preview: New Reebok CrossFit Clothing Fall 2016 + Nano 6.0 Shoe Review

Here are more new eye-catching and functional pieces from Reebok's fall 2016 collection.

This Camo Crop Tank with Kevlar on the backs of the sleeves is perfect for cleans and power cleans. The long sleeves keep you warm, add some modesty and a hardcore look, the crop cut keeps you cool and shows off your ABssets.

Reebok crossfit nano 6.0 Review - new for fall 2016

Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 Review


These new releases from Reebok's R&D testing labs and after hundreds of hours of athlete testing are ready for wear. 


First: There was one complaint about the previous Nano 5.0 it was how far the Kevlar coating across the to toe dug into feet and therefore reduced mobility while doing anything but standing still. 

Using straight lines in the CrossFit Nano 5.0 caused the toe box to collapse on the foot in awkward and uncomfortable ways. And sharply, since it's Kevlar, nonetheless. Plus the Kevlar edge came higher around the toe, which created numerous pressure points that, although they added protection, made the break in time really uncomfortable for some. 

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 is still a stiffer shoe. But that's necessary for CrossFit workouts.


If they were soft and sock-like, you'd have none of the support you'd need to stabilize for lifts, quick stops, and more. That stiffness doesn't get in the way in the Nano 6.0s either. in fact it's just enough and the outsole is a mix of slightly stiffer but grippy lug that's relatively flat, which is also great for proprioception (your body's ability to tell where it is in space). The reasoning, the fewer nodules and features on your outsole, without sacrificing grip, the better it is for sticking your Box Jumps, gaining a wider and more stable base for Wall Balls, Snatches and other lifts, and go-big PR breaking. You get all of that without wearing lifting shoes per se. Which means you can take off in a sprint anytime too. Win Win.


These are even cross trainers well outside the CrossFit box. I used they one day for a 40 mile ride where I wasn't clipped in. (On a new Specialized Vita I was testing) the pedals, because it's a Fitness bike rather than Road bike, were flat. So I couldn't clip in and these stood in for skate shoes or some other, more heavy alternative. I love them. 


These shoes are the king of equal parts grippy, stable as hell, and "I will not get in your way." What more can you ask for in a partner, an employee, or your training shoes??

More New Women's reebok crossfit picks for fall


  • Green open-back tank you can tie easily or leave open
  • Purple CrossFit slim-fit tank
  • Black capris
  • Porcelain sports bra
  • Orange compression leggings

The Orange Low-waist Compression Leggings are in contrast to all the high-waist leggings that have flooded the market this year and last. The logic: CrossFitters want to show off their bodies, and this cut shows just enough skin while still staying snug and fitted during workouts of the day (WODs) with squats and everything else. Plus, the less fabric there is around your waist, the less will get in your way of completing your WOD


My testing indicated that these would be great for a longer workout—even though I was doubtful of the low waist. It literally held up well! The compression was great too, but it wasn't too much, compared to brands that are compression only and are impossible to get on. But these were just enough compression and really made me feel ready for the WOD—whatever it would be.


Obviously you can't be one hundred percent sure of the efficacy of compression—which is designed to stabilize muscles so that energy isn't used keeping muscles from vibrating, but instead working—during one workout. But despite five rounds of one minute decently weighted Dumbbell Thrusters, Pullups, Situps, these held up great and would be a perfect, poppy addition to your wardrobe for more dynamic workouts. Not to mention that they're cool as heck and go with every color top.