PREVIEW New Reebok CrossFit Clothes Fall 2016 - WOMEN & MEN

In Your Face, Boring Gym Wear. We've got bright colorful CrossFit clothes to keep us going through Wall Balls, Pullups & more.

Put in the work. Pull out a win. That's what you want your effort—and your attire—to say.


For Reebok CrossFit apparel designers, they want you to feel like a champion in fall 2016. New pieces breathe better and last longer, with continued use of Kevlar; and no doubt they look better than any other CrossFit clothes or shoes out there now. 

Kevlar SPorts bra

Kevlar is NO gimmick. Reebok uses this ultra durable material in the highest impact areas on men's shorts, men's and women's leggings, and now women's sports bras—perfect for Power Cleans! 


It all comes down to classic camo at the end of the day, and this one adds a little color and a little strength to each rep you're crushing out. 

Don't fight the feeling. These shoes are sleek, handsome, and sexy all woven into one. Although Reebok's Studio Collection is NOT CrossFit specific AT ALL, as you've probably guessed, they are such lookers—new for the fall season—that I can't wait to get my hands on them and my feet in them. They're strictly for swag points and everyday comfort.


There are both women's and men's versions of this mock high top that have a virtually seamless upper, a reinforced toe area, and sick color combos that show your style.  

Reebok takes porcelain as inspiration for the blue and white pieces on the left side of this pic. Note the men's board shorts, which are just a classic cut for CrossFit's multipurpose needs for coverage and movement. The women's leggings are a low waist, no-sweat-showing material. 


The set of clothes on the right have collage art as an inspiration and use bears as graphic elements. The orange, green, and yellow works awesome as a gender neutral color combination.

Clean, camo, Kevlar. Those are the names of this game. The top set of clothes are meant to make every woman feel strong and in charge. Plus some of the women's and men's pieces with strategically placed abrasion resistance are just like you: cool under pressure.