Tabata Songs: Timed Music for Interval Training

By Cat Perry

It's hard to stay motivated to train sometimes... unless you've got the right gear and the right JAMS! I love working out, running, cycling, etc. to good music, but when it comes to Tabata training (intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off), things can get little tricky. Try Up and Overs or bust out some Deadlifts while the weights are clinking on the floor and you're trying to hear the interval timer, or worse, to check your watch. 

But there are alternatives to risking breaking your neck! Try using an interval timer app like the aptly named Interval Timer app. Or use an external timer like the GymBoss timer. But if you just want to get lost in the music and your training, check out Tabata Songs. It's brilliant.


Tabata Songs features four minutes of Tabata 20 on/10 off intervals with solid background hip-hop, country, house, club, and more genres than you knew existed, playing in the background. Perfect.


"Each song coaches the listener through the 8 intervals of this 4 minute workout, prompting when to GO and when to REST, eliminating any need for timers, watches, or inaccurate time estimates." Per Tabata Songs' site.

Great for CrossFit training. Great for you to become a machine. Great for road warriors like you to stay fit wherever.



See Tabata Songs used in action in Brazil below.