Battle for Best CrossFit Shoe: New Reebok CrossFit Speed TR v. Nike Metcon 2

By Cat Perry

Nike Metcon 2

Nike Metcon 2 

The newest WOD kick has arrived from the Nike Metcon 2, by the brand made famous for its sports fashion. But these are more than just good looks.


How they stack up to to the Reebok Nano 5.0s is what I wanted to know. And it's safe to say they were ready to be put to the test and compete with the dominant Reebok CrossFit line of shoes including the Nano 5.0 (and now the Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0) and CrossFit Speed TR.


Anyway, how does it perform!??!?

There's TPU heel clip coverage on the back of the Nike Metcon 2, which just means there's decent durability upgrades on the back and sides that will help provide traction for take off and stopping. There's a ton of abrasion resistant coverage around the toe and the outer edges, with a tacky surface as well. Great for Burpee Box Jumps.


There's padding in the heel which allows greater stability and heel grip. And heck, it's more comfortable. The super-flat outsole allows full-foot contact to the ground and really good control from the second you start—which is what you'd expect from a functional fitness shoe. However the rounded toe in comparison to Reebok's Nano 5.0 and 6.0 more boxy toeboxes may be a serious problem for some, or a bonus for others. So that comes down to personal preference. Plus: They're SO LIGHT, which is amazing (if you're into that sort of fleet-foot feeling...). Overall a really good attempt at a CrossFit cross-training shoe. Looking forward to seeing what's next from the mega brand. 


 A few Nike Metcon 2 features:


  • Flat, stable platform for explosive lift
  • Zero-drag heel for hand-stand pushups
  • Flywire technology provides a locked-down fit
  • Abrasion-resistant film helps protect against high-heat friction
  • Dual-density foam midsole for cushioning and durable support
  • Firm rubber in the outsole heel and sticky rubber in the toe for stability and traction


Reebok CrossFit Speed TR

These Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0s have been tried and tested at the CrossFit Games and in brutal-style R&D for every new iteration. For what it's worth, I've taken it the Nano 5.0s for testing as well. I love these guys for lifting and MetCon. But for running, they were not even close to ideal for those who prefer even a modicum of cushioning. SO for those who want a more run-friendly CrossFit shoe, enter the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR.

So here it is, the latest iteration of the CrossFit shoe that is set up to continue the broad evolution of high-rep performance functional training shoes: The Reebok CrossFit Speed TR.

Reebok Crossfit Speed TR

Designed to make you the ultimate speed freak, and for you to fit in as many rounds as possible (AMRAP), plus sustain a short run with comfort and ease.  You're set in these. SO many gym owners and CrossFit coaches that I've talked to absolutely LOVE these. So it's a growing secret that these guys are the go-to for everything but PR breaking.


Some of the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR features

  • No longer the Kevlar Outsole like the Nano 5
  • More cushioning for running: Ultra soft compression molded midsole for mitigating impact shock
  • Heel Kipping Klip for efficient handstand pushups
  • RopePro shank for durability
  • Responsive propulsion plate enabling high-intensity transitions. 
  • Breathe! These shoes feature mono-mesh and hot melt overlay upper for breathable, WOD-tackling durability
  • Low-cut design for freedom of motion and quicker transitions
  • Flared outsole and metasplit flex grooves for a super-stable lifting base. But less flared toe that on the Nano 5.0.


Reebok Crossfit Speed TR