7 Best Fit Travel Apps! CycleCast, Nike Training, Daily Burn, WOD CrossFit & More

HOW DO YOU STAY FIT WHEN TRAVELING? If you don't, and opt out instead, maybe it's time you changed that. Break a sweat while on break!


Running, going hiking, or renting a bike are all brilliant ways to whip away those extra calories you may be taking in on vacation. And however you like to crush your healthy living goals while on the road, here are six more awesome ways to hit that fitness target, with or without equipment.


I culled the best personal trainer apps that power you through HIIT and Tabata training, CrossFit WOD workouts, body-weight-only scorchers from Daily Burnand one-on-one coaching from Nike Training Club. HERE ARE THE 6 BEST FIT TRAVEL APPS FOR STAYING FIT WHILE FAR AWAY FROM HOME.

CycleCast - Indoor Cycling


CycleCast: First fitness app to bring streaming cycling classes directly to your phone, offering workouts from qualified instructors. All you need is an iPhone and a residential bike to take one of their 20, 40 or 60 minute classes. 


 What do you need? It's Simple. 

"An indoor cycling bike with a weighted flywheel is ideal for riding with CycleCast. They look and feel a bit like an outdoor bike, but obviously they don’t go anywhere. You can either buy one for home, or you can usually find one (or often several) at your local gym. 

You can also use an outdoor bike on a stationary trainer or rollers. However, please ensure that your setup supports a full range of motion on the bike and that you are very comfortable standing and sprinting on your setup before attempting to follow along with a CycleCast class! 

Finally, you could also use any other type of indoor bike trainer or resistance-adjustable exercise equipment like a recumbent bike or elliptical. You won’t necessarily get the full CycleCast experience as you can’t do all of the movements, but you’ll still get great tunes and an instructor to guide you through intervals."