Best Multisport Fitness Tracker Watches - Fitbit Blaze

-Fitbit Blaze - Debuted at CES 2016, smartwatch-esque but does not support third party apps like true smartwatches, popout from frame, 5 day battery life, no direct GPS on watch.  $199

  • Long battery life -48plus hours
  • Built in-workout routines via its onboard iOS called FitStar
  • Bluetooth
  • Not many widgets and apps to connect because The Fitbit Blaze is that much more or a fitness, rather than lifestyle focused watch.
  • GPS via phone- which for those who are not traveling with their phones everywhere (who does that these days though?), is not helpful. For those folks you'll definitely want to check out the Casio G-Shock or the Gamin Vivoactive HR.
  • Optical Herat rate sensor: This is not a bonus for every user, as Gizmodo's Alex Cranz said, to get an accurate reading on this you have to wear it high on your wrist, "like a dork." She continues: "Fitbit hasn’t reinvented the wheel with this style of fitness tracker—where a fat computer sits in a cage on your wrist. Instead they’ve gone back to something earlier and clunkier—like those cavemen who said “Nah man, square wheels are better.” 
  • Pop-out screen, for interchanging bands. May sacrifice security.