Best New Fitness App: FitStar No-Gym Workout Routine

By Cat Perry

So many fitness apps and so...many minutes in a day. FitStar Training and Yoga app is the latest on the market that brings the full package for you to get fitter and faster and more limber on the go—all with your body weight only! 



This free fitness app allows you to immediately start exercising your full body or individual body parts, plus cardio and more. Or practice yoga at home (or wherever you are). AND WATCH VIDEO DEMOS of each move you're unsure of before you get started. That's an awesome value, IMHO.


One session called Mind Over Muscle takes just 26 minutes to run your full body through a head to toe, HIIT routine and burn 235 calories on average. Not bad for a body-weight only workout.


After the warmup you head right into this:

  • Dive Bomber Pushups
  • Warrior 3 Kickouts
  • Back Plank Kicks
  • Heisman Lunges
  • Star Skaters
  • Rest 30 seconds.
  • Then there are 2 more rounds of completely different exercises—all different rep schemes—so your body has NO CLUE what's going on. 


That's exactly what your body needs to see results.


FITSTAR IS FREE. You can also upgrade to the paid version to see the workout demoed in full, personalized sessions, and daily motivation ($7.99/month or $40/year). Totally one of my new go-to fitness apps. FITSTAR.COM