Best Fintess Trackers for Spring 2016 - Cateye Tracker Device for Cyclists

You got me. This ISN'T like the other multisport fitness trackers, mainly because it's not a wrist tracker and it's for only two sports: cycling and mountain biking.


But I had to mention the Cateye Padrone Smart+ CC-SC100B because it's basically the smartest smart watch for your bike. 

Cateye Padrone Smart+ - A smart cycling computer that clocks in at only 40 grams, this real-time metrics tracker will log everything you need to know on a bright, big, not too cluttered display. The useless info has been pared down so you get a glance at only what you need to know.


It has all the "basics" we've come to expect with smart products, including your power, cadence, speed, and time, plus it also displays call, text, and social media alerts if you want, plus is waterproof and Bluetooth enabled. See all features below. 

  • Easy Installation
  • Big display for quick information
  • Mount to many bikes
  • Use with or without smartphone -no more whipping out your phone ot see a call coming in
  • Multi contacts to five places on the bike, plus the heart rate monitor strap if desired to accurately track your stats
  • Real time data
  • Measures altitude, power, gain, incline, lap number, calorie consumption, heart rate, cadence speed, distance
  • See your notifications for calls or messages your phone receives, so you dont have to reach in your pocket for phone (and maintains the phone battery since you can place it in sleep mode and still receive alerts)
  • Waterproof
  • Coin cell battery power, so you don't have to fiddle with USB charging
  • Syncs with routes on app like Strava, Training Peaks, etc.

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