4 Fitness Apps To Download Right Now—Improve Your Run, Cycling & More

By Cat Perry


We live on our smartphones, but that's not necessarily bad for fit folks. Smartphones, apps, and widgets can help us get on our path to adventure if we know the best apps to download. With the Apple store having 1.2 million apps and Android boasting 1.8 million, you can bet that the following top apps will make your fit life better. Get stronger, team up, correct form, and more with these 4 best fitness apps of 2016 for cycling, running, mountain biking, and more.

  • Strava Running and Cycling-adding competition and gaming like features to your running and cycling, this app is for the avid and combines distance, route maps, and speed tracked with leaderboards and achievements. Free. It's not just an app, it's a lifestyle. Strava strives to utilize the power of users generated fervor for sports to create a platform that motivates and challenges. 

Other cycling apps: 

  • Cyclemeter - Riders love cyclemeter because it's been all about the metrics from the very beginning. The visual setup is very early internet in some ways as well, allowing you views as if you are a stock trader with multiple dark screens pinging out every second of your destinty. Tracking speed metrics in a line graph show your burst speed and descents as dramatic spikes. It's easy to use, but is only for iOS.
  • Cateye - this avid cycling external tracker is like an app you can attache to your bike. Read more about this in the Best Fitness Trackers, Cycling