Bike Deals! Save Cash on Diamondback Bicycles & Gear, Plus Diamondback MTB Skills Video: Hip Flexion

As you may have gathered, I love biking and everything to do with bikes, from funky cycling clothes to innovative biking gear. So when I came across the Deals page on Diamondback bikes, with discounts of up to 60% on adult (and kids) bikes (for road, MTB hard tails, MTB full suspension), I thought I might as well put that on blast. If you're trying to save a little cash but still get a serious quality ride when you're on the road or trail, Diamondback may have your new two-wheeled whip.


So get to it in the Shop Amazon link below! Plus watch video from Diamondback's Skill Shop, of how to master cornering by improving your hip flexion, at the bottom of this page.

2016 Mission 1 Men's Full Suspension - $2599

Women's Lux Hard Tail 2.75" with 15" Frame

Men's Century Elite Clipless Shoes - Size 12.5 US from $93.31

Women's 2016 Airen Complete Disc Brake Road Bike - From $799

PLUS: Watch Video of Diamondback's Mountain Biking Tips: Hip Flexion for Better, Flowier Cornering