New Cycling Jerseys to Ride For in 2016—Plus Cycling Commuter Clothes

You work hard and you ride hard. It's your therapy and your challenge. And for the ever-changing weather, you need new cycling jerseys and kits to ride out the storms. Here are a few eye-catching cycling clothes for winter, spring, summer, and fall to get you through, no matter where the road takes you. 


Babici isn't afraid to be bold. So for the men and women out there on the roads who are, naturally, feeling adventurous,  this is should be your first look. Their high-quality construction and wicking fabric, paired with prints that turn heads, makes Babici's Hawaiian print cycling jersey for about $134USD (which harkens back to last year's Search and State Hawaiian jersey) and equally standout Bolero jersey a step above others of their ilk.

Although they have beautifully colored women's kits and jerseys in rich hues too, Babici, IMHO, shines in men's desgins. 


dhb Block Superstar jersey is a form fitting fleece lined, wicking winter jersey that'll keep you warm on descents and dry on the climbs. This particular print is specific for women. For three seasons weather, including winter, dhb has sleek, breathable Women's Aeron Full Protection Softshell Jackets with a pop of bold color, making them essentials as you slog through the cooler, wetter temperatures to get in that early morning or evening ride.

On the men's side dhb has some equally solid patterns that have likely already become a staple long sleeve on many a ride in the dhb Blok Macro Roubaix Long Sleeve. What I love about is that even though the site is based in the UK, it offers free shipping to the US, so we can get hip, fit designs stateside without crunching numbers. 


Velocio's Helen Wyman Signature Jacket is a bright blue hue to brighten up gray cool mornings. The combination is both a long sleeve jersey and a soft shell, wind-breaking jacket—with a Polartec Power Pro shield water resistance—in a technical design that's truly the best of both worlds. It's comfy down to 30º F (-1º C).  

In men's wear, I love this new Velocio Origami Short Sleeve Cycling Kit, great for the flash in your system. 

Pearl Izumi

With new high-tech reflectivity and BioViz options that help you stay visible and protected no matter the weather or hour, you know that Pearl Izumi won't let you fall behind. Their ELITE Thermal LTD Jerseys are colorful, warm, wicking, and solid enough for everyday wear.  

POC Sports

In the continued focus on visibility, POC AVIP WO Rain Jacket, for men and women, has a bright orange windbreaker for your ride that offers visibility and protection from the elements: 10,000 mm water rating, taped seams, 3 layer laminated DWR fabric. 

Swrve Commuter Cycling Clothes

Plus, just for fun, I wanted to thrown in these amazing commuter pants from Swrve. They make three cuts of seriously sleek pants for men and women that allow the most freedom of move of any pant or denim jean(!) out there. These flee-lined Swrve Softshell Regular Trousers, specifically for winter, come in several colors so you're ready to work on your way to work. A three-layer fabric that is 10K breathable and 10K water resistant is a key addition to the wardrobe of a rider who has an important meeting but still needs to fit in the commute to work. Don't forget to check out their other offerings for warmer weather.

They also make an insanely good looking wax cotton jacket