Men's Journal Pins 24 Record-Breaking Adventure Feats of 2015 by Women & Men

If the best is yet to come, it helps to know what the best actually is right now according to those in the know. Especially when is comes to adventure. 


How can you dig deeper in the new year? Take inspiration from fellow challenge seekers, as amassed by Men's Journal: 24 Awe-Inspiring Record-Breaking Feats in 2015.


From the much publicized record-breaking run of the Appalachian Trail by Scott Jurek. 


And Sarah Outen's 25,000 mile and 4.5year human powered trek around the world. 


And the longest slackline walk [watch video!], set by German Alexander Schultz.


To the man who managed to crank out 50 Ironmans in JUST FIFTY DAYS.

These are the doers, the undeterred, the determined, serving as incredibly powerful models for the hero's journey that's pushing us all into our best lives yet! Get out and do something great in the new year.


Outen's Human Powered Round the World Journey
Outen's Human Powered Round the World Journey