Best Foam Roller is Faster &Less Painful: Acumobility Eclipse Roller Benefits.

Foam rolling is one of the single most important training tools your body needs. Yet most people who work out in any form do not use a foam roller regularly. It's often dismissed with, "That's something for people in physical therapy." But that's not true! Foam rollers facilitate self-myofasical release, a process that applies low pressure across soft tissue to slowly release tightness and trigger points within muscles that can create severe vulnerabilities over time—in anybody. Acumobility Eclipse Foam Roller, created by sport medicine clinicians based in Massachusetts, claims to be the "most versatile myofascial release tool ever made." In short, you've got muscle kinks—thanks to all the cycling, hiking, running, and training you love to do—and the Eclipse is your SUPPLE solution. Here's why you need to check out the weirdest-looking foam roller available. 


Sold! If you've ever rolled out your muscles before you know this can be a painful—truly mind-blowingly uncomfortable—process, especially if you train regularly but never stretch. In the middle of a typical session you just keep your eye on the prize: more supple, stronger muscles post-roll. But with the Eclipse you can keep your sessions SHORT and SWEET. The concave design allows you to hit tons of fascia at once, which speeds up your session dramatically. (I can hear your muscles quivering a little less right now.) I was able to roll out my quads and hamstrings from a wicked leg-day training session from two days before in just a few minutes. See video of how Acumobility Eclipse massages hamstrings.


Thanks to its concave design, the foam roller wraps around a region of your body and better distributes the pressure across it. Again, compared to grid straight foam rollers like the Trigger Point Grid Roller, the Eclipse spreads the pressure across the area you're massaging to get a better all around release. Think about your quad: Rather than pressing against just the top portion as you roll forward across it, you get to hit your quad sweep and inner thigh simultaneously. Or slip your calf or shoulder into the groove and perform mico-myofascial release.


According to Acumobility, the Eclipse has been tested by Olympic runners, professional strongmen, powerlifters, triathletes, martial artists, cyclists, rock climbers, CrossFit athletes, and paddlers to create a roller that would address the mobility needs of any sport and any body type. In short it's been vetted by people who really cant work with crap products. They need top quality to get the best results. That translates to you getting the very best product too.

Here's the official description for how it works: "The Eclipse Roller has 4 distinct zones of compression. Each zone is designed to be used for a different body part to provide the perfect amount of pressure for a desired area. Zone 1(the upper zone shown here) is 9.5 inches across. Zone 2 has a tapering affecting that provides the squeeze and release effect of side compression. Zone 3 is 4.5 inches across. Zone 4 is the outer end caps which function as a traditional foam rolling surface to give you the best of both worlds and the most amount of variable surface area to work into any muscle on the body."


Acumobility Kickstarter ends today 11/20 and the Eclipse is slated to be available for purchase in Jan 2016.