Nutrition Hacks for Better Fitness: Dr. Rhonda Patrick Debunks Multivitamin & Fish Oil Myths

CrossFit athletes of Barbell Shrugged got biomedical researcher Dr. Rhonda Patrick, PhD, to dish some nutrition hacks at a Paleo f(x) conference in Austin, Texas. She delves deep (for one hour, so save the video to watch later) into how our gene expression, fitness, and quality of life overall can be changed forever by changing specific food and supplement choices. And one thing is clear: although nutrition and biochemistry can be hard to understand and pop science articles often propagate one-size-fits-all nutrition drivel—whether you're a PR crusher or a couch potato: nutrition is everything. Over time, it can turn on bad genes (or good genes), making you less (or more) fit despite your efforts. And it's up to you to sort fact from fiction. Knowledge about these factors can mean the difference between finishing your first 10k or your 10th ultra. It can separate the "healthy and long lived" from the "old before their time."


So what does Dr. Rhonda Patrick say about everyday cell damage caused by your diet? And what do fish oil, multivitamins, and cancer have to do with it? Get out a pen and some paper. (Note: It's a one hour video and there's a 10 minute intermission video to go over lifting form for the Clean. But it continues after that with more nutrition knowledge bombs.) Read some of the video highlights below.

  • How heat shock proteins from exercise and being in the sauna help a) maintain muscle mass, b) produce growth hormone, c) prevent oxidative stress, and d) prevent degradation.
  • Reversing micronutrient deficiencies can help reverse aging.
  • Omega-3s to boost brain function, but why the polyunsaturated fatty acids like those found in fish oil can be potentially dangerous if you're not keeping it as fresh as possible.
  • Vitamin E taken with kinda bad fish oils and other oxidized foods can help soak up free radicals of bad fats.
  • What IS inflammation actually? And how to prevent chronic inflammation, aka chronic oxidative stress, so it doesn't cause DNA damage in your body, including diseases of aging.
  • How that relates to your gut health!
  • How magnesium and other trace minerals are key to repairing that damage.
  • And a million other tips to hack your health through nutrition.