DIY Next-Level Road Bike Fixes & Flat Tire Hacks

In road cycling and mountain biking there are always new bike fixes or bike upgrades to consider, and then there are always immediate bike maintenance must-dos as well, especially in the case of a flat or a fall. And Global Cycling Network has a pro tips video below for you to learn some new bike upgrades that will dial in your bike aesthetics. 


If you know some bike repair basics—like adjusting your brake orientation, choosing and then setting the height on your new bike seat like the Fabric Cell bike saddle, and getting the right wheels and handlebars for your ride—these tips will set you up even smarter.  

  • Cable Length
  • Helicopter Tape, to prevent scratches from cables and chains
  • Bar Tape, looking neat and sleek
  • Trim Your Steerer Tube, leaving a 5-10mm spacer on top
  • Valve System and Tire Logo

So in addition to those bike tips, Cycling Weekly always has other great bike maintenance tips for What Bike Upgrades to Do Now, and which to avoid. And then as a bonus, here's DIY roadside maintenance for when you get a flat but are all out of patches or replacement tubes: