Cycling in Spain & Portugal with REI Tours: Let the Good Life Roll

REI Cycling Tours in a Nutshell

Have you ever done an unbelievably fun  bike tour with barely a daypack on your back, stopping to taste local cheeses and olive oil? Picture a widescape countryside, rolling hills, and generous, boisterous locals sharing wine and keeping you up way past bedtime. You fall asleep exhausted and truly, deeply satisfied.

Do this by booking REI Adventures. The megapopular, nationwide outfitter for your outdoor adventures has a burgeoning REI Adventures division, whose sole aim is plan exotic trips that you can actually sink your teeth into—in far flung locations like Africa, Antarctica, Scotland, New Zealand, and Latin America. And they also have trips right in your backyard in the US.

Never thought you could hike the Andes safely? Go with REI and you can. Hiking, cruising, rafting, backpacking, their knowledgeable guides lead the way—and the surprising thing is they've been doing this for 25 years. So, whatever you want to accomplish, they can help make it happen.

In this video, riders traverse untouched landscapes and historic towns in Spain and Portugal, using pedal power to refresh the mind and challenge the body.