New GoPro Session vs. HERO 4 Silver - Best GoPro Action Camera Test

Surfing, snorkeling, mountain biking, go karting—if this doesn't remotely sound like your life, you need a GoPro. Or at least some kind of action cam, and some inspiration! These little things somehow dare you silently to do crazy-fun things. And your smartphone is useless when staring down a wave, trust me.


The new GoPro Session just hit the market in mid-July 2015. And for those who live by "small the better" when it comes to tech, they're stoked for the $400, 1.5 square inch Session.


Wired Tech editor Brent tested the Session in action and gets to the nitty gritty on comparing the Session and its 1-year-old, slightly larger but still teeny HERO 4 Silver. The results: if you want a better picture, the choice is clear. Though the Session is 35 percent lighter, perfect for side mounting, and is easy to use (with only two buttons), and has a comparatively long battery life, you want the HERO 4. No contest.


Check out why. Then grab your board, chesty, helmet, dog—whatever—and get moving.