5 High-Tech, Insanely Smart Bike Locks That Actually Work

Hey, where's your bike?! Or now the fifth iteration of it, since it's gotten stolen a few times.... If it's any consolation, you're not alone. More than 63% of bike users have their bikes stolen annually.


So when your ride's been swiped, what do you do? Get a new one—then get a smart lock ASAP: A few new kickass bike locks on the market have stepped up their offerings to use keyless entry, track unusual vibrations (like being picked up or cut), are app compatible, have embedded alarms, are sensitive to abrupt temperature changes (in case a thief uses a heat or cold tool to sever lock), and several more brilliant safeguards to keep your bike in your possession.


You never knew you really needed these, but here are 5 high-tech, mind-blowingly effective bike locks. One of which you need to buy—now!