Bell Helmets Super 2R: Game Changer of Mountain Biking

Cat Perry

Women's Super 2R
Women's Super 2R

The Bell Helmets Super 2R has a first-of-its-kind removable face guard, giving you two helmets for the price of one—for just $200.


This essential gear is helmet genius. The men's and women's Super 2R helmets are cooler, tougher, safer, and incredibly versatile. I checked out this bad boy during the Trek Dirt Series Mountain Biking Camp. I thought to myself, a helmet is the last thing that should succumb to gimmicks of any sort. But the Super 2R is nothing but high-tech engineering at its best—it's the real deal in biking safety.


A Comfortable Helmet? Believe it.

My head, because of more than a few pounds of hair on my head is hard to fit for a helmet—it sometimes feels like squeezing Stonehenge into a subway car... And when I find one that fits, the majority of the time it's a hot, ill-fitting sucker that I can't wait to get out of. The Super 2R is not. With 23 vents across its surface, my head was cool and dry even after a full day of biking. Bell's advanced ventilation is a huge success without sacrificing safety. The flip up/down visor added much-needed sun protection and more ventilation when the clouds burned off and I was facing the blazing sun.


You're About to Save Face

But the really sweet, revolutionary feature is the removable mouth guard on this helmet, which snaps on in less than 10 seconds with just three clicks—turning your biking protection into a enduro and downhill life preserve. It's a game changer for sure. And that's just what MTBers need: Out on the trail, you need to be adaptable yet safe, ready for anything. This is the shapeshifting helmet for that. The light but diesel chin bar can be removed for instant regular-helmet wear and attached to your pack while you dont need it like on climbs or easier routes, then reattached for more aggressive riding.


Built in Camera Mount

Have a POV action camera that you can't ride without? No worries about mounting it to your bike. Get a bird's eye view by mounting to the secure yet removable camera mount attached to the Super 2R. Or if you're not into it the Velcro strap comes off easily. But why wouldn tyou want to record your superhuman feats? Ride Smart, Ride Hard.


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