Outdoor Sports Gear Is Affordable (Finally!) through AirBnB-like GearCommons.com

By Cat Perry

Newsflash: Outdoor sports are kind of expensive... Sometimes insanely expensive. But not to worry, I found a solution: GearCommons.com. See below for their ADVENTURE TRAVEL GIVEAWAY!

If you've bought your gear outright in the past to go hiking, cycling, etc., count yourself lucky. But if you have limited space, funds, or knowledge, there's an app, or rather a website, for that. It's called GearCommons and it's changing the face of who can experience the outdoors, one sharing micro-economy at a time. #ShareTheAdventure


Gear owners (and hoarders) rejoice! It's time to make money from your gear habit. And patrons of GearCommons who are looking to rent equipment just sign up for free, search for what they're looking for nearby, and rent it. Reasonable prices? Absolutely—finally! Security deposits to cover damages? Sure, then everyone's protected. Now, the peer-to-peer economies that've sprung up with the rise of AirBnB and the like make outdoor sports actually accessible. If you can afford gas to the drive to the YMCA pool, you can afford stuff on GearCommons.com.


PLUS: GearCommons has an amazing adventure travel giveaway: They are raising money on IndieGoGo to send one crazy-lucky adventurer and one of their friends on a free epic trip—using only gear they've rented from GearCommons users! Their trip will be filmed by award-winning documentary filmmakers. So hop to it! Watch the campaign on IndieGoGo and sign up on their Facebook page. Or just click #ShareTheAdventure picture link below! It's a fantastic idea, and I know I've signed up already...

"Members of the GearCommons community can be anyone, from anywhere, we're now in all 50 states. There are novices looking to try out activities for the first time, and there are experts looking to get gear when they’re in a new place or try out gear before they buy it. GearCommons works for everyone young and old, experienced and new." —Mike Brown, co-founder of GearCommons

“As avid outdoorsmen, we’re always looking for the next adventure and people to create those experiences with. And with this film project, we want to highlight two friends on their shared journey to spread the word that getting outdoors can be more accessible and affordable through a peer-to-peer approach.” - Mike Brown, co-founder of GearCommons