Moon Biking in Zermatt, Switzerland

Here's a supercool video posted by The Adventure Blog of folks fat tire biking by moonlight. If you haven't yet tried fat tire biking (aka fat biking, or snow mountain biking, or snowbiking—though a few things go by that name)—or haven't even heard of it—just know that on your next trip to ski country you MUST try to ferret out the first fat tire bike you can rent, throw on some layers, and head out for one cool snowbound experience.

I first tried fat biking in Leadville, Colorado, home of the famed Leadville 100 (both the ultrarun and the mountain biking race, where riders may spot Lance Armstrong). In this 10,000-foot high home of these Leadville 100 "Race(s) Across the Sky," I rented a fat tire bike at a great bike shop called Cycles of Life. In minutes I was outfitted with a Helmet and a bike with 4-inch-tires, hence the name "fat tire." Not to be confused with the Fat Tire Beer made by New Belgium Brewing Co.


Though I cant remember this sweet man's name, he is one colorful local that is passionate about high-altitude fitness. He took me and a few other newbies on a sometimes slushy, meandering trail also used by cross-country skiers, walkers, and runners. It was tough work but so much fun to bike in the snow, under a bright blue Bluebird sky in America's highest incorporated city, at more than 10,000 feet above sea level. Love Leadville! Stay tuned for more posts on this historic city, and their best old-school saloon: The Silver Dollar Saloon!