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Best Lightweight Running Jackets and Sneakers for Men & Women

Nike Lightweight Rain & Wind Breaker

Nike Impossibly Light Jacket

Travel featherweight and fast with an intensely micro-weight, packable, breathable outer layer for running. This layer of protection is wind and water resistant, which makes it a perfect just in case, for those days you're unsure about the weather but certain about your run. 

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Pro Climber Chris Sharma Free Climbs Giant Redwood Tree

It's rare that you get to see the view from the top of a redwood. We're not birds after all. But pro climber Chris Sharma makes it his business to get a better vantage. 


Rather than going rogue, he teamed up with tree biologist Anthony Ambrose, who works in partnership with Sequoia National Park to make it a sustainable climb. Beautiful thing to experience climbing a 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 year old tree. 


Tabata Songs: Timed Music for Interval Training

By Cat Perry

It's hard to stay motivated to train sometimes... unless you've got the right gear and the right JAMS! I love working out, running, cycling, etc. to good music, but when it comes to Tabata training (intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off), things can get little tricky. Try Up and Overs or bust out some Deadlifts while the weights are clinking on the floor and you're trying to hear the interval timer, or worse, to check your watch. 

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Battle for Best CrossFit Shoe: New Reebok CrossFit Speed TR v. Nike Metcon 2

By Cat Perry

Nike Metcon 2

Nike Metcon 2 

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7 Best Fit Travel Apps! CycleCast, Nike Training, Daily Burn, WOD CrossFit & More

HOW DO YOU STAY FIT WHEN TRAVELING? If you don't, and opt out instead, maybe it's time you changed that. You're a tough cookie! 


Running, going hiking, or renting a bike are all brilliant ways to whip away those extra calories you may be taking in in your new city or neighborhood. And however you like tocrush your healthy living goals while on the road, here are six more awesome ways to hit that fitness target, with or without equipment.


I culled the best personal trainer apps that power you through HIIT and Tabata training, CrossFit WOD workouts, body-weight-only scorchers from Daily Burnand one-on-one coaching from Nike Training Club. HERE ARE THE 6 BEST FIT TRAVEL APPS FOR STAYING FIT WHILE FAR AWAY FROM HOME.

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Classic Skiing Video

Ode to Old Man Winter, here is a classic skiing video by Extreme Sports HD Video. Just great motivation while you're sitting at your computer or phone.

The Art of Skiing from Extreme sports - HD videos on Vimeo.

The Art of Skiing from
We've mixed up some of the best skiing moments which we have ever seen. All the footage in 1080p.
Visit the original videos: Being There - Field Productions, AllICan Teaser 2, Revolver Official Trailer, Legs Of Steel - Nothing Else Matters.
Edit by: Extreme sports - HD videos
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Music: M83 - Kim & Jessie

Original videos:
Being There - Field Productions
Download this movie on iTunes:
All I Can - Teaser 2
Download this movie on iTunes:
other Revolver Trailer, Legs Of Steel - Nothing Else Matters


Best Multisport Fitness Tracker Watches & Tools, Spring 2016 

Fitness and technology are now intrinsically intertwined. For better or for worse, measuring metrics like frequency, duration, speed, elevation, and direction, no matter the sport, makes us better athletes. The following gadgets are sure to improve your running, cycling, swimming, golf, weightlifting, trekking, hunting, fishing, skiing, and paddleboarding—or pretty much any activity you get yourself into. There's a look and feel for everyone.


Casio G-Shock Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 - With AndroidWear technology, you have Sleek and ultradurable, Android Wear, app compatible, built-in mic, water resistant, altimeter, Blutetooth and wifi, and more for cycling, fishing, trekking/ hiking. $500. 

  •  50 meter water resistant 
  • Built in Microphone
  • Military Standard MIL-STD-810G - which means this thing has been stress tested beyond comprehension (specified by the US Department of Defense) and is built to last.
  • Bright dual-layer display makes for superb visibility under any light.
  • Camera control 
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People for Bikes Rides the South for 400 Miles

Asheville, NC

At the end of March 25 People for Bikes riders will be cycling more than 400 miles, form Asheville, North Carolina, to Atlanta to raise awareness of hoe cyclists and cars can share the road. Sounds like a blast,  really, biking through the Appalachian Mountains on a multi-day trip with fellow cycling advocates. The group will make stops in Charlotte, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, and Athens, Georgia before arriving in Atlanta.

Charlotte, NC

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4 Fitness Apps To Download Right Now—Improve Your Run, Cycling & More

By Cat Perry


We live on our smartphones, but that's not necessarily bad for fit folks. Smartphones, apps, and widgets can help us get on our path to adventure if we know the best apps to download. With the Apple store having 1.2 million apps and Android boasting 1.8 million, you can bet that the following top apps will make your fit life better. Get stronger, team up, correct form, and more with these 4 best fitness apps of 2016 for cycling, running, mountain biking, and more.

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The Only 5  Exercises You Need for a Stronger Core

By Cat Perry

To build a stronger, tighter core that helps you perform better as an athlete, or to start seeing your six pack abs you need to cut the crunches from your workout session—right away. That isolation abs exercise won't get you results like compound movements will. Why? Because the core, which is a wider group of muscles including the mid and lower back, abdominals, and even hips and shoulders, is meant to execute functional movements. And if you instead only work limited-range-of-motion exercises or don't train your core at all, it'll never be as strong, lean, or useful as it could be.


Cyclists, for example, need strong cores to power up the watts. Runners, same thing. The core muscles want to assist in dynamic movements and in maintaining static tasks like keeping a stable trunk so you don't wobble back and forth on the bike. So the more you train your core with functional moves, like thrusters, planks, and lunges, the more tuned in (and ripped) your core will become.  


This workout is an overflow of workouts I design for 

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