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PREVIEW New Reebok CrossFit Clothes Fall 2016 - WOMEN & MEN

In Your Face, Boring Gym Wear. We've got bright colorful CrossFit clothes to keep us going through Wall Balls, Pullups & more.

Put in the work. Pull out a win. That's what you want your effort—and your attire—to say.


For Reebok CrossFit apparel designers, they want you to feel like a champion in fall 2016. New pieces breathe better and last longer, with continued use of Kevlar; and no doubt they look better than any other CrossFit clothes or shoes out there now. 

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2016 CrossFit Games Athletes Train Hard Together at Reebok #TrainingGrounds

By Cat Perry in Canton, Massachusetts

Reebok CrossFit Games competitors training

Stepping into the Reebok CrossFit box where the Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir and other powerhouse CrossFit athletes have come to train is something special. To get to watch them train up close, workout with them yourself, talk to them, and pick the brains of their coaches is another. Take a look at the crazy workouts they take on to condition themselves for one of the toughest fitness challenges that exists right now: the Reebok CrossFit Games, coming up July 19-24. 


Let's take a look at the nation's heartbeat of the CrossFit community, with many of the athletes and employees at Reebok sporting the latest , and much improved, Reebok CrossFit sneaker: the CrossFit Nano 6.0 (the newest generation to older Reebok CrossFit shoes)

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Best Lightweight Running Jackets and Sneakers for Men & Women

Nike Lightweight Rain & Wind Breaker

Nike Impossibly Light Jacket

Travel featherweight and fast with an intensely micro-weight, packable, breathable outer layer for running. This layer of protection is wind and water resistant, which makes it a perfect just in case, for those days you're unsure about the weather but certain about your run. 

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